Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dear Tommy: Happy Birthday!

Dear Tommy,

I had never met anyone quite like you, and I know I NEVER will again.
Because there was only ONE Tommy, the guy I called best friend.
You were smart, you were cool, one of a kind.
Deep late-night conversations, that always blew my mind.
We laughed, we listened to music, and relentlessly debated. 
You were my little brother, who cares if we weren't related.
Countless hours watching shows together, our favorite was "The Wire".
You had so many creative business ideas, your passion burned like fire.
You could empty a fridge, scarf down food like a beast.
Family dinners at your house? Now that's what I call a feast.
You were a momma's boy, the apple of your daddy's eye. 
You annoyed the hell out of your sisters, Lol But did everything to never see them cry.
You made me feel like an equal, never showed me pity.
We had so many adventures together, Mannnn we ran New York City! 
No matter who we met, we left behind a sense of intrigue
Everyone wanted to to know more about, the two freshest dudes who had attended Ivy League. 
You loved working out, always dressed GQ.
Tommy, I swear not a day goes by, that I don't desperately miss you.
The first of many friends, to ever read my book,
You gave some really insightful advice, always making time to take a second look.
Because of that I promise to keep fighting, do my best to make you proud.
I can hear you rooting for me up there, you were always so damn loud :)
You had style, you had charisma, a ladies man, you were quite the charmer
It's tough not having you around man, makes getting by only that much harder.
Although you may be gone for now, my dear and closest friend
The bond and love we shared together, will absolutely never end!

I love you Tommy. Happy Birthday my dude!

Your fellow Alpha Male,

~ Christophe