Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Letter To My Donor....


YOU gave me the chance to SURVIVE, a NEW lease on life...

13 Years ago today, is when doctors put me under the knife.

Kissing friends and family, was NO piece of cake.

Knowing the chance was less than 50 percent, that I would even wake.

The second I opened my eyes, they welled up and filled with TEARS.

A possible end to my suffering, having been the "sick" child all these years.

For the first time since age 6,  was when I finally I felt somewhat "normal"

I played many sportS, and YES that is a plural.

By no means was it easy, the road was LONG and TOUGH

3 YEARS on dialysis, and I swore I'd had enough.

YOU gave me HOPE for my future. I excelled in academia.

Education always held great importance to me. Guess what?! I even got into Columbia.

I'm finally writing my autobiography, ready to share it with the WORLD.

Tell them who is CHRISTOPHE, that dude with the sweet gel curl.
The guy whose life you've changed. He lives LIFE TO IT'S FULLEST.

Strength isn't always about muscles. What's inside, eventually gets you through it.

I'll tell them about YOU and your COURAGE, I'll tell them YOU were SELFLESS.

I'll tell them how YOU temporarily stopped my pain, at a time when I was so helpless.

YOU gave me more time with my family, more time with my siblings.

They are the BEST PEOPLE on this EARTH, no really....I'm not kidding.

YOU gave me the chance to see my niece be born, she is my HEART and SOUL.

YOU gave me gifts money can't buy, like sharing time with my parents as they continue to grow old.

YOU gave me the chance to see my brother get married, you'd like his wife, one word: AMAZING!

YOU gave me the chance to fulfill my dreams,  with even still so many more awaiting. 

YOU gave me the time to create amazing memories. Spend it with life long friends.

YOU made me the man I am today. Don't worry, I promise to carry you until the END.

My boxer's name is BRANDI, catch her if you can?

She loves good ham and runs away. Her nickname? You guessed it,  Raisin Bran!

I'll tell you from now that I'M NOT PERFECT and will NEVER claim to be.

YOU've opened my eyes to many things, allowing me the power to really truly SEE. 

MY choices were not always the wisest, some will haunt my dreams forever.

But I refuse to focus on the negative. and repeat mistakes? Simply... NEVER!

So on this day I count my blessings, I stand loud and proud to SHARE

that On March 5, 2000

YOU gave me your HEART to bare.....................

( ______________________________ )

 It beats in your HONOR today!

in the end Je t'aime, I LOVE YOU, what more can I say?

- Mr. Recovery

*a special thank you to all doctors, nursing and staffing
New York Presbyterian Children's Hospital!
-"Amazing Things Are Happening Here!"
God Bless!